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AAR in Action

From Peñuelas to Ponce! This week so many accomplishments!

Chicago Initiative:

An Art mission of hope is in the works! We have packed 14 boxes of assorted art supplies to distribute to a network of artists and teachers that will offer healing through workshops in the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Thank you Blick Art, The Dreaming Zebra Foundation and the city of Chicago for your sponsorship! So many goodies are going in those boxes! Acrylics,watercolors,drawing pencils,markers,oil pastels, crayons,brushes,pads for sketching,mixed media pads,watercolor paper,canvas pads, glue,erasers,chalk,the list is endless,beautiful and colorful! We cannot wait for the kids and adults to paint, draw and heal. So much healing needs to happen in Puerto Rico now.

Help reaches Peñuelas:

We raised enough funds through Art sales and donations to sponsor "Pillow for Peñuelas" alongside Macy's and a special young man by the name of Adrian Quiles Rivera located in New York City. Adrian not only reached out to Arte al Rescate for support, but he mobilized friends, family and co-workers to help him reach his goal! And yes the goal was reached! 140 pillows for the municipality of Peñuelas.

Help reaches Corral Viejo in Ponce

Aid reached a small community of 60 people in the town of Corral Viejo in Ponce. Corral viejo is located in the "campo" no where near the city and hard to get to. Through our Arte al Rescate volunteers, water, flashlights, pampers, repellent, feminine products, depends, and more items are heading their way. We are assessing needs and providing help on a one on one basis.

New York City Initiative:

NYC PBS school is in the process a collecting items that are depleted in the island and needed. Please continue to support and donate. Items will be shipped from NYC JFK airport and AAR will be sponsoring transport. Each box cost approximately 25-$30 to ship. Sponsor a box! Every dollar helps, no donation is too small.

Texas Initiative:

Attention all Tattoo lovers! Dallas Fort Worth, Metroplex and Chicago join forces and use another amazing form of artistic expression to help Puerto Rico! The talented artist Jowy Diaz owner of Caribbean Royal Ink will join forces with Arte al Rescate to raise funds and extend help. More details to be announced! In the meantime, if you are located in Texas, get inked! How extraordinary is the community in Texas saying WE are Present,WE are here to help! THANK YOU Jowy Diaz and family and AAR representative Ms. Katherine Rodriguez for this amazing initiative.

Call for Artists is in effect!

To all artists in the USA! We need more original art donations from amazing and generous visual artists! Help us continue raising funds for Puerto Rico! You, artists, yes,YOU! You are the heart, the core of our organization. We need your help.

Arte al Rescate thanks all the volunteers and everyone that has come together, thank you for showing up and reaching out. Please spread the word, Arte al Rescate needs your support more than ever, Puerto Rico needs you now. There is so much work ahead and more to give. Please keep the island of Puerto Rico in your thoughts.

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