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Cuca Strong Fundraiser

"Cuca from Galeria Cuca is a beloved and cherished Chicago artist who has engraved herself as an Afro Caribbean artist in the Humboldt Park community and beyond. Cuca’s art pays homage to the spirit, culture, and diversity of her beautiful people from the Caribbean. Using various art mediums, Cuca’s art has always represented ’Cultura’ at its most colorful form. Cuca is an art pioneer at some many levels, helping pave the way for many artists that followed in Humboldt Park and Chicagoland for over 25 years! Self-taught, Cuca has left her mark in the growth and exposure of Latino art influence in the Chicago area. Cuca is currently in a medical and financial crisis. In December 2020, Cuca was diagnosed with a large brain tumor and was operated on. During surgery, complications arose. Due to the complicated nature of her tumor, Cuca also suffered a stroke. After four weeks in ICU, Cuca was transferred to a nursing home for rehab. Most recently, Cuca’s treatment therapies have abruptly come to a halt. The facility is no longer offering Cuca treatments due to lack of sufficient medical coverage by her insurance. Huge efforts are being made to find Cuca a more appropriate, acute care facility to address her medical needs, and to raise funds to help facilitate her desperately needed therapies and exorbitant out of pocket expenses for such treatments. Help make a difference! Cuca is passionate about her community and committed to the empowerment of our people. Within the 25 years, she has actively and consistently participated by contributing to various community causes with art donations. Help make a difference in this so important cause! Let’s reciprocate that spirit of generosity. 100% of all the proceeds raised from art sales on this site will go directly to Cuca to help with such expenses."

by Martha Cartagena, sister

To help with this cause please click on the tab Cuca Strong. We have selected a group of art pieces to help with this cause. This fundraiser will be treated as a straight sale and 100 % of your purchase will be donated to our beloved artist Cuca. AAR will contact you for pick up arrangements at our studio location at Workshop4200 in Chicago. We, at Arte al Rescate strongly believe that art can heal, save lives and make an impact in our community. Please reach out to Janice Aponte or Erica Sanchez with any questions regarding this special fundraiser.

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