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Arte al Rescate/Art to the Rescue is a nonprofit organization (501C3) focused on bridging artists and humanity to benefit hurricane relief efforts for the island of Puerto Rico. Art is not merely a form of expression; it’s the bond of a community that’s been brought together through compassion and generosity to rescue those in desperate need.

For all Puerto Ricans regardless of distance, Puerto Rico is their home, and they could do nothing but pray for its safety as Hurricane Maria devastated the island on September 20, 2017. Hurricane Maria became the worst disaster Puerto Rico had experienced in over 80 years.

As communication to the entire island was wiped out in the storm, Janice Aponte and Erica Sanchez could do nothing but console each other as they watched the news coverage.  Both had family on the island, and felt completely powerless to help them. But it wasn’t just their concern for their loved ones that moved them to start Arte al Rescate, but a love for their home. What they created is not just a one-night fundraiser, but a nonprofit organization that will be dedicated to the ongoing effort of rebuilding our Puerto Rico in the years to come.

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