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The Power of Art

Artist: Esther Kovacs 

Distribution Coordinator in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 Tanya Sanchez at work!

We, at Arte al Rescate, are so very grateful for all the Art donations by talented artists from all over the country, for our generous sponsors and individuals who continue to support our cause. The visual arts is the core of our organization, it’s the heart and the motor of our operations. Through the arts, Arte al Rescate raised over $30,000 to fund our back to school missions in 2018 and 2019 and numerous missions involving families in need, reconstruction projects and funding of art programs. These funds have helped so many communities all over the island of Puerto Rico.

Each back to school mission which covers up to 25 schools (we expect this number to grow in 2020) costs AAR approximately $5,000. To continue our missions in 2020, we ask that you share this post, share with your boss, your partner, your friend, your family.  Help us spread the word of all the good that AAR is accomplishing. At this very moment backpacks and school supplies are being distributed throughout the island of Puerto Rico.  At this very moment we are receiving messages from community leaders and teachers requesting help for children that are still not prepared for the new school year. We are purchasing a last minute order to help these kids and bring a sense of relief and dignity as they walk into their schools.  These children all deserve an education and all the resources needed to accomplish their goals in life.  They deserve an equal opportunity. We cannot help them without your monetary donations.  Please find it in your heart to help our communities in Puerto Rico.  Visit to learn about our team, our missions and the lives we have touched.  To make a monetary donation simply click on the paypal link The AAR team thanks you for your time and continued support.

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