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Healing Art Workshops reach Yauco and Guanica

Guillermo Ortiz Acevedo: Artist leads art healing workshops in Yauco and Guanica,Puerto Rico. Two shelters were impacted Yauco: "Aliciente de Arte" delivered items of need, such as Depends donated by Arte al Rescate, in addition to art kits sponsored by AAR to the young children who were present in Yauco. A small painting workshop "My Animal Mask" was held for 10 young children in the park area. Guanica: Aliciente de Arte reached the Guanica hostel which was relocated to the Guanica municipal track complex. 

"The Picture of my (New) House", painting workshop was provided. This painting workshop included an element of nature to accentuate the subject in the painting. "To hear the children say their houses were destroyed as they simultaneously worked on their art pieces was very difficult" Guillermo shares. Other items delivered were board games to the corresponding authorities of the shelter (ASSMCA staff), infant toys, plasticine, art supplies, game cards supported by various organizations. Arte al Rescate rebuilding Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 one art piece at a time.  

Collaboration: Aliciente de Arte, Arte al Rescate, Chicago,   

Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Effort and  

Llamados a Servir. 

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