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Arte al Rescate - Hits the ground running

Hello friends. We want to fill you in on what Arte al Rescate has been doing and our upcoming plans!

First of all thank you to everyone who came out to our event on October 27th. The support was amazing and we had a successful fundraiser for Puerto Rico. Since we began Arte al Rescate we have been able to raise over $18,000. That of course is with the support of our sponsors, artists and people who purchase the art with 100% of the proceeds going to hurricane relief. At our first event over 60 artists so generously donated their work, some of which is still up for sale on our website, so please check it out at ! Our purpose has been to bridge art and humanity for the aid of the victims in Puerto Rico who have lost so much. Fortunately with the support we have received we are doing just that.

Some more exciting news to share:

  • Arte al Rescate was nominated and received an award at the P Music Awards in Ponce Puerto Rico. What an honor for our organization formed just over two months ago.

  • Arte al Rescate will be providing holiday cheer for children in Puerto Rico. We are hoping to reach at least 15 families for (Dia de los Reyes) Three Kings Day. Our elves are shopping, prepping and packing to bring holiday cheer to children.

  • We also want to officially welcome our newest team members Tiffany Rivera and SarahJoy Salazar

  • We in the process of planning our next event in the Spring of 2018.

Tiffany's First Mission

There are many stories of families who have lost everything, have not received any aid and are living in unbearable conditions. We need to reach those people and we have begun to do so. Tiffany Rivera, Janice’s niece, has been in Puerto Rico and in the few days that she has been there she has done some amazing work on behalf of Arte al Rescate. Tiffany came across two families that could use the help Arte al Rescate.

Luis and Yesenia, are a couple with a six year old daughter. They lost part of their roof during Hurricane Maria. They have been in shelters since September 15th and have been relocated and moved on four occasions. They are now located in the Residencial Ernesto Ramos Antonini. They cannot return home due to an infestation of bat feces in their home. The father, Luis, informed us that despite all the needs that the family has he would like sandals as the shelter requires sandals to shower.

December 4th Tiffany, on behalf of Arte al Rescate, was able to take flip-flops to the family. Yessenia was very grateful. Yessenia will keep in touch with Arte al Rescate, for future help with their home. Our goal is to assist with the cleaning of the home so that the proper repairs can be done to the roof and the family can return home.

Ruth Colon, of Jayuya Puerto Rico, lost everything during Hurricane Maria. She is in an apartment in Residencial Ernesto Ramos Antonini. Ruth has a 12-years-old son who is autistic, a 10 year old, autistic and deaf girl, as well as an 18-years son. All three have had to leave school because of their low resources. They have no money to buy uniforms for their children which the school requires. They have also been sleeping on air mattresses, without light for over two months. Today Arte al Rescate was able to purchase three beds for the family.

These are just two examples of thousands of struggling families who have lost everything. Arte al Resacte is committed to using our resources to reach these families this is why our organization was formed.

SarahJoy & Alivio Verde

One of the most important resources the island has to rebuild is that of the natural resources and agriculture. SarahJoy has a great initiative in effect called Alivio Verde / Green Re-Leaf. Please check out her funding page.

80% of the crops were devastated by Hurricane Maria. Sarah is a part of a network of small farmers working together to encourage the local organic food movement. Green Re-Leaf is a company dedicated to providing natural non-toxic solutions.

Sarah has joined Arte al Rescate and will be spending an extended amount of time on the island working on her relief effort and being a liaison for Arte al Rescate.

It is important to keep the awareness of what the reality is on the island and always keep in our minds and our hearts the amount of time, effort and resources it will take to recover. With the holidays fast approaching please consider making a tax deductible contribution to Arte al Rescate so that we may continue to reach these families and provide some relief. Stay on the lookout for upcoming blog posts and updates!!!! Feel free to contact us at


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